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Discover the power of 3D modeling with ZBrush this summer at DigiPen Europe-Bilbao! If you have a passion for digital art and want to delve into the world of digital artistic creation, this summer course is perfect for you.

  • 3D Sculpture of a bust of a man with a serious expression, with dramatic lighting on the face.
  • 3D Sculpture of an astronaut character holding a white flag, standing on a base.
  •  3D Sculpture of a wizard character with a flaming staff, shown from different angles.
  • Comparison of a digital 3D sculpture and a physical figure of a monster with a red kimono and golden details.

What is ZBrush? ZBrush is the industry standard software for digital sculpting and painting. Used by professionals in film, video games, and design, it allows for creating 3D models with astonishing levels of detail and realism. From fantastical characters to impressive creatures and detailed worlds, ZBrush is the tool of choice for artists worldwide.

What will you learn? In our summer course, you will immerse yourself in a dynamic and hands-on learning environment, guided by university students.

You will learn to:

  • Master the ZBrush interface: Navigate and customize the workspace to maximize your efficiency.
  • Sculpt detailed models: Use advanced sculpting tools to create precise shapes and details.
  • Texture and paint: Apply textures and colors directly onto your models to bring them to life.
  • Create characters and creatures: Design and model original characters, developing your own artistic style.
  • Export and present your work: Prepare your models for use in other programs or for professional presentations.


  • No prior experience is required, just a strong passion for digital art.
  • Spaces are limited. Contact us to enroll or to obtain more information.


  • 8 July to 19 July

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Location: DigiPen Europe-Bilbao Campus

Duration: 50 Hours

Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your passion for digital art into professional skills! Join the DigiPen Europe-Bilbao community and dive into the art of 3D sculpting with ZBrush this summer.

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