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Faculty from the Department of Computer Science use their experiences in the industry to bring an attitude of innovation into the classroom. Students taking courses in this department learn foundational concepts in computer science, which enable them to understand concepts from the ground up that lead to a wide range of future specializations and potential careers.

Faculty Directory

Jon Sanchez

Department Chair - Computer Science

Associate Professor

Jon Sanchez graduated as a technical engineer in computer systems from Mondragon Unibertsitatea in 2010. He later earned his BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation in 2015 from DigiPen Europe-Bilbao and a master’s degree in visual analytics and big data from the Universidad Internacional de La Rioja.

After his graduation, he founded Kaia Studios with other DigiPen graduates and released Dynasty Feud on Steam and PlayStation 4. After his endeavor as a developer, he returned to DigiPen in 2017 to teach a variety of computer science classes from entry level to advanced courses. As a computer graphic enthusiast, he enjoys showing students how math and physics are crucial to rendering amazing images on a computer screen.

“As a former DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe-Bilbao student, I know what the students are going through, and it is a satisfaction to see how their efforts always pay off,” Sanchez says.

Iker Silvano

Senior Associate Professor

Iker Silvano received a BS in Computer Science and Engineering with an emphasis on real-time software programming from the University of Deusto in 2007. His professional experience as a software engineer includes developing real-time 3D software for experimental networked display systems, as well as participating in the development of non-published video games. Before joining DigiPen, Silvano also worked as a computer science instructor.

Silvano’s main area of focus is programming and general software engineering, with an emphasis on advanced programming techniques, optimization, software architecture and game engine internals. He currently teaches Advanced C/C++ Programming, Low-Level Programming and Optimization, and Artificial Intelligence for Games. He also supervises and conducts the junior level video game projects, where he guides students in designing and building a 3D video game from scratch.

“One of the main reasons I enjoy working at DigiPen is because it demands pushing the limits of my skills, knowledge, and understanding of the subjects I’m in charge of, in order to enable the students to create beautiful, complex systems that combine smart engineering with imaginative art,” Silvano says.

Eder Beldad

Associate Professor

Eder graduated with a BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation from DigiPen in 2014 with a minor in mathematics. After graduating, he spent several years working at a gaming company related to visual health as a lead engine developer along with other DigiPen graduates. Soon after, he worked as a freelancer (backend, frontend, DevOps) in the education sector making his own games, often using custom engines.

Although he enjoys developing different forms of technology, he currently focuses his efforts on studying algorithms related to physics engines like collision detection and space partitioning. He also works on graphics engines (OpenGL, Vulkan, etc.), networking and data structures, and competitive programming related algorithms. Even if he finds gameplay programming and game design interesting, he likes to focus more on the less visible code, such as engine code and tools code for programmers, artists, and designers.

His hobbies include music composing, guitar playing, video games, software security, and programming his own pet projects which range from Arduino programming to creating tools that help productivity in daily tasks.

Thomas Komair

Dean of Academic Affairs

Senior Professor

Thomas Komair graduated with a BS in Real-Time Interactive Simulation from DigiPen Institute of Technology’s Redmond, Washington, campus in 2010. Prior to teaching, Komair worked for DigiPen (USA) Corp., developing in-house tools, applications, and internal technologies.

In 2014, Komair co-founded AHeartfulOfGames, where he was in charge of production and marketing for its first game Heart&Slash, as well as on co-productions such as Dynasty Feud, developed by Kaia Studios.

Although his primary interests lie in the technical knowledge required to develop high-quality video games, Komair’s experience in independent game development has had him tackle new kinds of challenges not directly related to development, such as marketing, community management, and public relations. It is these insights and more that Komair strives to bring to the classroom, helping prepare future generations of game developers for an evolving industry.

At DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe-Bilbao, Komair has taught a variety of courses, ranging from computer graphics, animation, and engine architecture. Additionally, he also supervises the sophomore game projects.

“My favorite part about teaching at DigiPen is the end of the semester, after a year of hard work,” Komair says. “I get to see the confidence in the students’ eyes when they say, ‘We made this game from scratch!’”

Dani Andia

Department Chair - Interactive Media and Design

Senior Associate Professor

Dani Andia graduated with a BA in Computer Science from the University of Deusto in 2005. During his college years he developed several projects focusing on video games and real-time simulation. After that he joined the Xerox Corporation team (Dublin based), where he worked as a software developer before moving to Barcelona. His eagerness to expand his knowledge led him to pursue a master’s degree in video game design and programming at the Pompeu Fabra University, where he started to create his first professional video games with developers from Sony, Ubisoft, and Nintendo.

His experience includes working on game projects for the PC, PS3, Xbox, Wii U, and 3DS platforms for companies like Mercury Steam Entertainment, Delirium Studios, and Pixel Cream. Some of the games he has been involved in — including the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow trilogy, The Rivers of Alice, and others — have won awards at important game events like E3, IGF, and GameLab.

At DigiPen, Andia teaches game project development courses across different cohorts, guiding students in game design and programming. He also teaches the game design and mobile development classes. He enjoys sharing his expertise and love for games, as well as helping students find their place in the video game industry.

Josu Garai

Lead Project Coordinator

Associate Professor

Josu Garai graduated with a BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and a minor in mathematics from DigiPen Institute of Technology’s Redmond, Washington campus. He is also recognized as the winner of the “Student of the Year” award. Currently, he is working towards a Masters in European Project Management at the University of Basque Country.

As an industry professional he has worked multiple roles as a programmer, producer, and project manager across various game projects, virtual reality, real estate, technological, and nuclear industries. He specializes in project management, aiding companies to gather the big picture of their development processes while looking at the improvements of specific processes fostered by best practices.

At DigiPen Europe-Bilbao, Garai teaches foundational computer science courses such as Operating Systems, C/C++ Programming, and Software Engineering. He also guides students as the instructor for first-year game project classes, where he aims to translate processes and practices from the outside world to the classroom. Furthermore, he works as the lead project coordinator overseeing the development of internal, external, and international projects.

Jon Lopez de Dicastillo

Junior Professor

Jon Lopez de Dicastillo graduated in computer engineering from the University of Deusto in 2003. After graduating, he returned to the university to work on research projects in the field of multimedia and real-time 3D software. Later, he expanded his studies when he obtained a degree in sociology in 2011.

He has developed his professional career in the field of software engineering, working on various information management projects and performing tasks as a software engineer and software architect.

At DigiPen, Lopez instructs courses in computer science and currently teaches Computer Environment and High-Level Programming II: The C++ Programming Language. As a video game lover, he tries to get involved in student projects when possible.

“What I like most about teaching at DigiPen is helping students achieve their goals. Seeing how they go down the road and seeing how they grow personally and professionally.”


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