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DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe-Bilbao is one of three global DigiPen campuses. Our other campuses are located in the United States (Redmond, Washington) and Singapore. Bilbao’s rich history and status as a focal point of culture and economic opportunity makes it the perfect location for DigiPen’s European campus.

Bilbao, the capital of the province of Biscay, is the largest city in the Basque Country of northern Spain. The greater Bilbao area has a population of approximately 1 million inhabitants. Situated on the Atlantic coastline along both sides of the Nervión River, Bilbao is an industrial and economic center, an important seaport, and a major transit hub connecting Spain and Portugal with the rest of Europe.

Zorrotzaurre, the location of DigiPen’s new campus, is a vibrant neighborhood and the site of a focused urban redevelopment project that has brought creative industries to Bilbao through sustainable, environmentally-conscious planning. The Zorrotzaurre project has helped to bring a new, confident energy to the city, leading the Academy of Urbanism to name Bilbao as 2018’s European City of the Year.

In addition to its vital role in Spain’s economy, Bilbao is also a center for culture, art, and architecture — home to numerous theaters, concert halls, and world-famous landmarks like The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. We encourage you to visit the city and take a tour of DigiPen Europe-Bilbao’s campus while you’re here.

For more information about Bilbao, contact:

  • Bilbao Turismo

    Learn more about Bilbao and plan your visit to the city.

  • Bilbao Council

    The city government’s website offers services, news, and information.

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