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At DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe-Bilbao, our academic programs are designed to prepare you for the types of workplaces and production environments you will encounter in the real world. As a DigiPen student, your instructors serve not only as skilled, technical experts, but also as mentors who can guide you through the process of creating effective and meaningful work.

Our faculty members come from diverse backgrounds with each instructor’s educational and work history forming a unique story on their previous experiences. Together, they bring years of industry and academic experience into the classroom. Their careers represent just a slice of the many opportunities available to you as you begin your academic and professional journey at DigiPen.

Department of Arts

The Department of Arts is known for its broad training in the traditional and digital artistic fields, which include the animation and video game industries.

A careful selection of the disciplines most demanded in this sector have been adapted to different subjects, going hand in hand with the needs of standard digital entertainment industry software. Students will learn and develop their artistic skills in an exceptional way so that once they complete their degree, they will be prepared to join the animation and video game industries.

Teachers in the Department of Arts provide students the necessary skills to develop expertise in the production of 2D and 3D video games, traditional and digital animated productions, methodical learning in the Fine Arts, as well as understanding of the most advanced programs and software demanded in the professional field.

  • Digital Arts and Film Production

    Faculty in the Department of Digital Arts and Film Production teach students the art of modeling, rigging, animating, and creating 3D scenarios.

  • Fine Arts and Animation

    With a large focus on 2D drawing and 3D animations, instructors in the Department of Fine Arts and Animation prepare students for work in professional film and game development environments.

Department of Sciences

The Department of Sciences serves a core teaching unit for the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation program at DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe-Bilbao. The department offers a variety of courses in multiple fields, such as computer science, math, physics, and social sciences. Department faculty have strong cross-disciplinary backgrounds and bring years of professional and academic experience to the classroom. The diversity of profiles encourage collaboration within faculty and promote a more cohesive education.

  • Computer Science

    The faculty of the Department of Computer Science bring an attitude of innovation to help students understand concepts that lead to a wide range of potential careers.

  • Mathematics and Physics

    Faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Physics teach essential mathematics skills for work in 3D graphics and artificial intelligence, as well as physics fundamentals that apply to the world of computer simulation and more.

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

    The faculty in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences help engage students with the games, systems, and narratives they consume and create through examination of communication and presentation.

Department of Interactive Media and Design

Courses in the Department of Interactive Media and Design emphasize project-based learning and lead students to design and produce professional-quality projects.

Department faculty teach what it is like to be on a development team in the real world, as well as the ins and outs of product development, programming, design, user experience, testing and iteration, project management, and more. Students can also partner with companies developing projects in the real world through specific partnerships.

The decades of industry experience that the faculty bring give students invaluable insight into the complexities of project development processes. Students can then bring the value to the industry they would like to work in, such as the video game, industrial, aeronautical, automotive, and other technical industries.

  • Interactive Media and Design

    Decades of industry experience is taught by the instructors in the Department of Interactive Media and Design and help students bring value to the video game, aeronautical, automotive, and other technical industries they desire to work in.

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