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The flat-rate structure at DigiPen Europe-Bilbao is calculated on a semester basis. The tuition costs below are for full-time students (those students taking a minimum of 16 credits or more during each of the fall and spring semesters). In order for a student to complete the degree program in the typical four years, the student must take an average of 16-20 credits per semester.

2024-25 Academic Year

The following tuition rates are for students enrolling for the 2024-25 academic year.

Number of CreditsEU Citizens and ResidentsNon-EU Residents
16 or more14.000 €* per year18.000 €* per year

*Tuition is subject to change with six months’ notice.


General Notes About Tuition

  • Tuition is subject to change with six months’ notice.
  • Students re-registering for a course that needs to be retaken must pay the regular course fees. It is the student’s responsibility to re-register in the course.
  • Students auditing a course must pay the regular course fees.


In addition to tuition, students must pay certain fees while attending DigiPen. The following fee amounts were last updated upon publication of the 2024-25 Course Catalog.

Required Fees for 2024-25

Unless otherwise noted, all students must pay the following fees.

Application Fee
This fee must accompany your application form. The application fee is refundable if you cancel your application and request a refund within three days of submitting the application fee.
60 €
Enrollment Fee
Upon acceptance into a degree program, an enrollment fee must be paid to confirm enrollment. If you cancel enrollment, you may request a refund of the enrollment fee within three days of signing the enrollment agreement and making an initial payment.
150 €
Administrative Fee
This fee covers a limited number of transcript requests, add/drop requests, and enrollment verification.
40 €/semester
Technology Fee
This fee covers supplies and maintenance costs for the students’ use of equipment and upkeep of the computer labs. This fee is 40€ per semester for all students.
40 €/semester
Name Change Fee
Students may submit two preferred name changes at no cost. However, any preferred name change requests after the initial two will incur a 75€ fee to cover administrative and material costs. Reverting to current legal name or officially changing legal name will not incur a fee.
75 €
Course Fees
Some courses may require lab or material fees.
Please refer to the descriptions on course registration forms

Other Fees

Students must pay the following fees for special or unusual circumstances.

Alumni Audit Fees
DigiPen alumni may audit courses at a significantly reduced cost. Tuition, application, and enrollment fees are waived, but alumni must pay any course, administrative, and technology fees. Fees are non-refundable for alumni audits. See the Course Catalog for more details.
See individual course descriptions
Late Registration Fee
Students are responsible for registering for courses and re-registering for courses they need to retake each semester by the posted date. If you register for courses after the deadline, you must pay a 100 € fee to cover administrative costs. Please refer to the Course Catalog for academic deadlines.
100 €
Transfer and Waiver Fees
The fee for course transfers and waivers is 25 € per credit of the course being transferred or waived.
25 €/credit

Books and Supplies

Text and reference books are estimated to be approximately 480 € per year. This cost is not included as a part of the tuition.

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