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People from all walks of life attend the Continuing Education and Training (CET) programs at DigiPen Europe-Bilbao, and they come for many different reasons. Some are looking to pursue a new career path or to open up new opportunities in their current line of work. Others are developing a new set of skills for embarking on their own independent projects and pursuits.

Whatever your goals may be, DigiPen Europe-Bilbao’s CET programs will introduce you to the world of digital interactive entertainment and enhance your overall knowledge of game programming or digital art and animation.

These yearlong courses are cross-disciplinary and intensive — integrating coursework in computer science, mathematics, and art and animation with collaborative game development projects that will challenge you to work in a team setting. Both certificate programs cover fundamentals in core subjects required for professional jobs in the game and animation industries.

To apply, please contact[at]digipen[dot]es, or call (34) 94 636 51 63.

Certificates Offered

Advanced Certificate in Game Programming

The Advanced Certificate in Game Programming focuses on building the foundation for technical aspects in computer graphics and simulations. Fundamental core subjects such as mathematics, physics, artificial intelligence, and programming are applied in team-based projects in which students design, test, and build playable games from scratch at the professional level.

Advanced Certificate in Digital Art and Animation

The Advanced Certificate in Digital Art and Animation focuses on the essentials of artwork creation at the professional level. Rather than simply teaching the use of current tools and software, the program emphasizes the development of foundational skills that are relevant regardless of the medium. Students learn fundamental core subjects such as character and background design, concept art and interfaces, HUD design, 3D modeling, surfacing, and rigging.

Who Are These Programs For?

DigiPen Europe-Bilbao’s CET programs are primarily intended for those who wish to pursue new career opportunities in the video game and animation industries, as well as current working professional interested in refining their skills. CET programs are geared toward university graduates with a computer science or art-related degree, or those who have some prior experience in video game programming and digital art and animation. All participants will gain core foundational training.

Start Dates and Schedules

The start date for both tracks is in September. The courses finish the following July.

Contact[at]digipen[dot]es or call (34) 94 636 51 63 to apply.