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In 2022, five talented student teams from DigiPen Europe-Bilbao’s BFA in Digital Art and Animation program made yet another splash in the animation industry with their release of five innovative short films.

These young creators demonstrated their unique perspectives and storytelling skills through a range of genres — from fantasy adventure and post-apocalyptic drama to romantic comedy. Each film tells a different story, but all of them showcase the skill and creativity of these emerging student filmmakers, who are sure to be ones to watch in the years to come.

We are excited to debut trailers for each of these five films, some of which have already been screened at various festivals, further demonstrating the skill and talent of our student filmmakers. If you’d like to delve deeper into the visual and creative aspects of the filmmaking process, you can follow the links below to the films’ corresponding Showcase pages. Each page includes a complete art book filled with behind-the-scenes process work, concept drawings, and more.

A bored boy looks out the window of a car that's passing through a series of hills with a windmill in the background

Tardes de Verano

Winner, Audience Award, 2022 Animakom FEST

During the summer, a young child visits his family’s remote home town, where he soon discovers the beauty in stillness and simplicity.

A robot made from various parts and covered in plants and moss poses in a forest


When a wandering robot glimpses an enchanting forest nymph by surprise, its mechanical routine is immediately altered by an overwhelming desire to make contact — and hopefully a good first impression.

Conej standing on a ladder while using a hammer to build his rocket

Conej Steps Out

Conej, determined to present his girlfriend with the ultimate romantic gesture, sets out to build a rocket to take her on a trip to the moon for their special date.

A young child slides down a giant leaf and is about to land near a group of mushrooms within a forest


The forest had always been a magical and serene refuge for a young boy, until one day he awakens to find the lush scenery suddenly transformed into a ruined and forsaken landscape. What can he do to help restore his natural home?

A young boy smiles and greets a white cat with a striped tail by extending his hand


Amidst the ruins of a war-torn city, a boy follows the sounds of another struggling creature left alone in the devastation.

We look forward to sharing the full versions of these short films later this year. In the meantime, stay tuned through our social channels for news and updates on film festival selections, awards, and more!