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Like many other kids during the summer, a little boy travels to his family’s hometown. What starts as a dull stay with a boring grandma quickly becomes a lesson about the hidden magic in small things, stillness, and silence.

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Awards and Recognition

  • 2023 International Student Animation Film Festival Animafantasia

    Best Children Adventure

  • 2023 Athens Animfest

    Winner, Students

  • 2022 Animakom FEST – Bilbao International Animation Community Festival

    Winner, Audience Award

  • 2023 Ibero-American Animation Quirino Awards

    Nominee, Best School Short Film

Official Selections and Screenings

  • 2023 Aguilar Film Festival
  • 2023 Weird Market
  • 2023 Cartoon Club – International Festival of Animation Cinema, Comics and Games
  • 2023 PSIAF Palm Springs International Animation Festival
  • 2022 Talentu Gazteak

Created by RAWR Studios

  • Iñigo Sanchez

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Producer, Animation

  • Garazi Feliu

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Scripts, Backgrounds

  • Ander Lizarraga

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Storyboard, Compositing, Editing

  • Oihane Abete

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Layout, Animation

  • Candela Gutierrez

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Backgrounds, Compositing, Voice

  • Fabian Martinez


    Role: Music, Sound

Animation Stills

  • A boy cuddles with his grandma on a bench outside their home
  • A boy stands on a cobblestone path and looks up beyond the leaves
  • A boy stands in front of a church and looks happily into the distance
  • A white and yellow church stands at the end of a cobblestone road within a town of shops and homes
  • A boy sits at the edge of a bench while his grandma prepares food on the other end of the bench
  • A boy watches a line of ants run across the edge of a fountain while his grandma sits on a bench in the background
  • A boy chases a bee in front of an area filled with flora and flowers