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If you’re anything like the students of DigiPen Europe-Bilbao, you’ll want to grab bucket of popcorn as you celebrate and enjoy a selection of student films created through the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation program over the past year. Needless to say, this year’s Murray Awards showcasing the work of our students was another grand success.

Held on February 7 in the campus auditorium, the event drew students and alumni eager to reconnect with old friends and mentors. Alongside the film screenings, attendees took on the responsibility of voting for the recipients of this year’s Murray Awards for Animation. Students who won the award received a memorable trophy, affectionately named after the school’s iconic anatomy skeleton model, Murray.

This year’s Murray Award trophies were designed using custom 3D-printed models under the expertise of David Puertas, a faculty member from the Digital Arts and Film Production department. Sergio Martinez, the Digital Arts and Film Production Department Chair, proudly presented the awards.

  • A group of students view a selection of posters depicting various student film projects.
  • The presenter of the awards show uses a microphone to speak.
  • A student film team speaks during the awards show after receiving an award.
  • A student holds her trophy and smiles as she stands in front of the awards show banner.
  • The presenter of the awards show steps aside to allow a student film team a moment to speak after winning an award.

Six films made by various students within sophomore, junior, and senior teams during the 2022-23 academic year headlined this year’s event. Following the tallying of votes, awards and trophies were handed out to the following projects:

  • Favorite Movie, Story, and Art Style

    Goodbye Kepler by Tangerine Studios

  • We Want a Sequel

    Trott by Leire Martinez

  • Craziest

    Witchy Crash by One Braincell Studios

We extend our gratitude to all current students and alumni who participated in this reunion event. With ongoing projects showing promise, we eagerly anticipate reconvening in front of the silver screen for the next edition of the Murray Awards in 2025.