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Trott, a lonely turtle goes through a hard journey full of greed and ambition, which will play a dirty trick on him.

With this short film, I aimed to create a metaphor for how human beings burden ourselves with things, jobs, or problems, continuously accumulating them under the “I can” mentality, until we reach a point where we either explode or the situation overwhelms us. I’ve depicted it as Diogenes syndrome because I believe it’s much more visually impactful. I sought an artistic style similar to Ghibli or Zelda, two of my favorite franchises, as it’s a style I feel comfortable with and find visually striking.

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Awards and Recognition

Official Selections and Screenings

  • 2024 Marché du Films – Festival de Cannes

Produced by

  • Leire Martínez López


    Role: Producer, Modeling, Script, Layout, Backgrounds, Animation, Compositing, Editing

Animation Stills

  •  Turtle character at the top of a path, carrying a large backpack, with a blue sky background.
  • Close-up of smiling turtle character in a conical hat, against a blue sky with clouds.
  • Turtle character with a backpack on a hilltop, looking at a bridge over a chasm, under a vibrant sunset sky.
  • Turtle character with a backpack after crossing a bridge, looking at the distance, with a vibrant sunset sky.
  • Turtle character on a grassy hill, looking at a bridge over a chasm, with a pink and orange sky.
  • Close-up of a worried turtle character holding to something, with a backpack, in a dark setting.