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In this allegory on the nature of abusive relationships, a woman finds herself trapped emotionally and physically in the same train stopping at the same station over and over.

25 Percent received the Accolade Global Film Competition Award of Merit: Special Mention, and has been screened at the Athens Animfest and Palm Springs International Animation Festival.

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Awards and Recognition

  • 2018 Lady Filmmakers Festival

    Jury Award, Student Short Film

  • 2018 Accolade Global Film Competition

    Award of Merit Special Mention: Women Filmmakers (Student)

  • 2019 PSICURT Festival de Curtmetratges


Official Selections and Screenings

  • 2018 Overmountain Animation Festival
  • 2018 Female Filmmakers Fuse Film Festival
  • 2018 Florida Animation Festival
  • 2018 Orlando Film Festival
  • 2018 Palm Springs International Animation Festival
  • 2018 The Saint Francis College Women’s Film Festival
  • 2018 Athens Animfest
  • 2018 Cortoons Festival Gandia
  • 2017 Zinebi International Festival of Documentary and Short Film Bilbao
  • 2017 Emerge Microcinema
  • 2017 Día Mundial de la Animación - Madrid

The Team

  • Ane Celaya

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Producer, Lighting, Concept Art, Animation

  • Jon Bazo

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Modeling, Lighting, Animation

  • Jon Vivanco

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Script, Storyboard, Character Design, Animation

Animation Stills

  • A stark, desert landscape under a hazy sky. A train car seen in the distance makes its way down the solitary track.
  • CG image of a closeup on a woman's face as she stands in a train car. Her expression is downcast, but muted.
  • A woman in a black sweater from the side as seen through the vertical window in a train car's sliding doors.
  • A train station dimly lit by fluorescent bulbs. The glass of a poster of a man in silhouette holding a woman is shattered.
  • CG image of a closeup on a woman with a bruise on her right eye, looking despondent in a dimly lit train car.