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The DigiPen student game Umbra Chronicles: The Awakening won the award for Best Basque Video Game at the 2013 International Independent Game Competition – hóPlay.

The hóPlay competition, which recognizes the most creative and innovative independent video games from around the world, is held in conjunction with the annual Fun & Serious Game Festival in Bilbao, Spain. This year’s prizes were chosen from a pool of 111 submitted games, originating from 12 countries.

Umbra Chronicles is a side-scrolling action-adventure game set in a fantasy steampunk world. Players must battle their way through a horde of shadow creatures that threatens to overtake the city of Damara.

The game was developed by seven students from DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe – Bilbao. Team members include producer Eneko Eguiluz; technical director Imanol Celaya; programmer Sergio Vicente; programmer Ander Guerrero; designer Aitor “Falven” Gomez; artist Gonzalo Cano; and artist Eduardo Garcia.