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The “Dragon’s Day for Animation” is the moment in which all of us who are part of the DigiPen Europe-Bilbao community grab a bucket of popcorn and sit down to watch a selection of student films that have been developed during the previous year. Due to the pandemic, we had not been able to repeat the event since January 2020, so anticipation was high.

On February 14, DigiPen Europe-Bilbao held the event once again in the campus auditorium, filling it with students and alumni who came to catch up with former classmates and instructors. In addition to screening the films, attendees were also in charge of deciding, through their votes, which animations from their classmates deserved to win this year’s “Murray Awards for Animation” trophies — “Murray” being the name affectionately given to the model skeleton used in anatomy sessions.

To celebrate that “Dragon’s Day for Animation” was back to its intended in-person format, David Puertas, faculty member from the Digital Arts and Film Production department, was in charge of designing the new 3D-printed trophy in which the skull of our beloved Murray featured prominently.

This year’s screening included seven films made by sophomore, junior, and senior teams and individuals during the 2021-22 academic year. They were:

  • Gaia by Raccoon Family team – 2nd Year
  • Shades by Acid Catz team – 2nd Year
  • Safo by Nerea Ayala – 3rd Year
  • Gramola by Luis Serrano – 3rd Year
  • Heartbits by Caterpillar team - 4th Year
  • Tardes de Verano by RAWR Studios team - 4th Year
  • Conej Steps Out by Pablo Río - 4th Year

After counting the votes, awards and trophies were handed out to the following projects:

  • HeartBits – Favorite Story
  • Tardes de Verano – Favorite Artstyle
  • HeartBits – We Want a Sequel
  • Conej Steps Out – The Craziest Movie
  • Tardes de Verano – Favorite Movie

Thank you to all of the current students and alumni who joined us for this fun reunion event. The projects that are currently undergoing development are looking equally promising, and we look forward to meeting again in front of the big screen for the next “Dragon’s Day for Animation” in 2024.