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If you recently watched the DigiPen Europe-Bilbao 2022 Student Game Showcase event, you’ve already had a glimpse of the amazing projects our students worked on throughout the past year. Now, we invite you to try out those games for yourself!

While DigiPen games have always been free to download from our own website, beginning in 2019, we introduced a new way to play and enjoy many of these select titles — directly on Steam. Since that time, student projects from the DigiPen Europe-Bilbao campus have reached a whole new audience of gamers around the world, even generating dozens of Let’s Play videos on YouTube in the process.

If you’re looking for something new to enjoy, here are six student games from the 2021-22 academic year that are available now or coming soon.

Arclight Beat is a rhythm-based platformer that has you modifying the level itself by rearranging the beat of the music in real time. You’ll need to figure out the precise placement and timing of certain beat elements, each of which triggers a specific type of platform tile within the level. These can range from tiles that move you back and forth across gaps, tiles that launch you into the air, tiles that turn to slick blocks of ice, and more. The game spans 20 levels, spread across three distinct musical-themed worlds — techno, carnival, and disco — with a few bonus stages thrown into the mix as well. The game also features its own original soundtrack.

Arclight Beat was created as a senior project by Team Curry. It marks the pinnacle of a series that began in 2019 with the freshman project Arclight, a 2D multiplayer game with a strong geometry-based aesthetic. After collaborating with artists during their junior year, Team Curry developed Arclight 2 in 2021 — pushing the Arclight concept to a 3D environment. When they once again faced the prospect of not having artists for their fourth-year game, the team’s programmers had to decide: What could they do? Their answer was Arclight Beat!

In Arruyo, a first-person horror game, you play as Francisco, a painter from the 1950s who is living with disturbing memories of the Spanish Civil War. Upon waking up in the dead of night in his spacious farmhouse, Francisco finds himself compelled to investigate the source of a nightmare lurking somewhere nearby. As you explore the rooms, hallways, and underground passages of your haunted estate, your progress is gated by a series of puzzles, not to mention terrifying creatures who seek to find and kill you. As you hide from the monsters in search of clues, you must also be on the lookout out for new sources of oil that will keep your lantern lit.

Arruyo was created as a fourth-year project by Blank Canvas. The game was partly inspired by the works of Spanish painter and printmaker Francisco de Goya.

The stakes couldn’t be higher in this 2D open-world adventure — one filled with combat, exploration, and discovery. After stumbling upon an ancient sword in a mysterious forest grove, the curious creature known as Avani accidentally unleashes a darkness that threatens to destroy civilization. Now, guided by a helpful spirit trapped within the blade, you’ll need to travel across the realms and set things right. Along the journey, you’ll use your attack and dash abilities to solve puzzles and defeat powerful enemies.

Avani was created as a second-year project by Kyuut Katz.

The name of the game is revenge in Han’yo, a side-scrolling action adventure set in ancient Japan. You play as Hiroko, a young samurai who was forced to witness the destruction of her village and family by an Oni demon. Your journey of vengeance will take you through visually stunning environments based on historic Japanese paintings. Along the way, you’ll need to take down scores of warriors sent forth by the Oni. These intense AI battles will challenge you to master the game’s core combat mechanics of attack, dash, block, and parry — all while switching between three different guard stances.

Han’yo was created as a second-year project by Hangover Studios.

The open road awaits you in this charming and surreal driving adventure about an old-timey jalopy on a quest to become the next Shadow Racer of legend. Become the hero of the valley by exploring a cursed world filled with arena combat encounters, hidden collectibles, quirky NPCs, and thrilling racing challenges. By mastering the four car elements of drift, flash, turbo, and bumper, you’ll unlock new paths that lead you through rustic canyons, gorgeous valleys, strange ruins, and even stranger secrets. 

Shadow Racer was created as a fourth-year project by Team Cactus.

Vegetables are usually good for you, but not when they’ve been magically brought to life with a raging thirst for conquest. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what’s happened in Veggie Menace, a fantasy-themed run-and-gun platformer, spread across three action-packed levels filled with killer corn, exploding tomatoes, and more. As the traveling witch Megi, you’ve been hired to quell the veggie invasion. With your fast speed, quick-dash ability, and powerful magic projectiles, you’ll make short work of your nutritious foes. You can even play cooperatively with a friend and save the kingdom together!

Veggie Menace was created as a second-year project by team Pigment Krew.