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DigiPen Europe-Bilbao is proud to present three talented student teams from our BFA in Digital Art and Animation program who have diligently worked on their respective crafts. The production of three original short films from the 2022-23 academic year has concluded, and we’re sharing trailers for each film so everyone can get a look at the fruition of our student’s hard work. The full versions of each short film are being showcased at specific festivals.

Each short film presents a unique narrative and represents a different genre, ranging from fantasy to drama. We eagerly anticipate the impact these films will make on the animation industry, as well as the hearts of audiences. Explore the visual and creative aspects of the filmmaking process through each trailer, and be sure to support and celebrate the rising talent of our student filmmakers on this exciting journey.

Glimpse into the Past

This short film was made in collaboration with Auschwitz-Birkenau Institute and Musikene, the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country.

Set during the harrowing time of the Holocaust, an unexpected encounter sets the stage for a glimmer of hope in a desolate world. Two childhood friends reunite after following very different paths in life, but their circumstances couldn’t be more drastic from one another. Despite their current circumstances and the realities surrounding them, these recollections briefly transcend the challenges they face.

Witchy Crash

In her quest to summon a powerful dragon, a young witch encounters trouble when her pet cat enacts its own plan. Jealousy becomes a driving force to stop the spell, but what will happen when the determined cat doesn’t get its way?

Goodbye Kepler

Having traversed space for nine years, the Kepler telescope’s dwindling fuel put its triumphant journey near its end. With little time before communication is lost with celestial telescope, 12-year-old Haley finds solace in a serene field as she looks to the stars for a final goodbye. Join Haley’s journey as she reflects on the life of the steadfast telescope, as well as her own.

As we wait for the full release of all three captivating short films later this year, stay up to date with our latest animations over in our Student Animations page. Enjoy animations both new and old with over dozens of short films from students throughout the years.