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Mortimer prides himself on a long and distinguished career as the head Grim Reaper, until a paperwork error leads to tragic consequences.

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Awards and Recognition

Official Selections and Screenings

  • 2019 Aguilar Film Festival
  • 2018 Athens Animfest
  • 2018 Leiden International Short Film Experience (LISFE)

The Team

  • Leire Acha

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Producer, Script, Storyboard, Layout, Backgrounds, Animation, Compositing, Editing

Animation Stills

  • Overhead view of a dimly lit office with contemporary styling
  • A small pale man with a mustache looks upwards
  • View of the lower half of a small man wearing wooden shoes with the tips curling upwards
  • A small pale man stares intently at a floating candle
  • Closeup of a burning candle next to a pale face with a black mustache