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The notes in an arpeggio can be played in ascending or descending order. Similarly, when a young boy taught piano by his loving father grows into his teens, he faces a crossroads as to whether his relationship with the instrument, and in turn, his dad, ascends or descends as well.

Selected to a dozen film and animation festivals and counting, Arpeggio has been presented all over the world, including Spain, Greece, England, Wales, and the United States. It also won the Best of Student Award at the 2017 Blue Plum Animation Festival.

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Awards and Recognition

  • 2017 Blue Plum Animation Festival

    Best of Student Award

Official Selections and Screenings

  • 2017 Concurso Corto-Joven Ciudad de Toledo
  • 2017 NexT International Film Festival
  • 2017 Cardiff Independent Film Festival
  • 2017 Athens Animfest
  • 2017 Animakom FEST – Bilbao International Animation Community Festival
  • 2017 Animex International Festival of Animation and Computer Games
  • 2017 Mecal Pro International Short and Animation Film Festival
  • 2017 Torrelavega International Film Festival
  • 2017 Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF)
  • 2017 Burbank International Film Festival
  • 2017 Palm Springs International Animation Festival
  • 2017 Donosskino Short Film Festival
  • 2016 Zinebi International Festival of Documentary and Short Film Bilbao

The Team

  • Adriana Uriguen Garcia

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Director, Animation

  • Pablo Perez Estevez

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Art Director, Animation

  • Asier Astorga Casado

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Producer, Modeling

  • Xabier España Izarralde

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Animation, Modeling

  • Danel Iriarte Azpiazu

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Lighting, Texturing

  • Iñigo Ortega Ramirez

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Rigging, Animation

  • Evan Alderete

    BA in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Music

  • Grey Davenport

    BA in Music and Sound Design

    Role: Sound

Animation Stills

  • A man and boy in a house look at each other while holding red-white and blue-white plastic toys
  • A man and teenage boy sit side-by-side at a piano. A red-white plastic robot toy sits on the piano.
  • A cardboard box in a dark area lit from one side. It contains plastic toys and is labeled "Toys"
  • A teenage boy in a black sweater rolls his eyes, sitting on a green couch in a dimly lit room
  • Extreme close up of a hand hovering over a piano keyboard in a dimly lit room
  • Man in a red sweater with a yellow triforce logo looks pensive next to a staircase and window
  • A man in a white shirt rests his hand on an open door, looking contented
  • A man in a white shirt rests his arm on another man as they sit at a brown wooden upright piano