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After years of seeing her family’s farmland become decimated by a ruthless mining operation, an elderly woman is left with nothing but her kiln and pottery. But when the relentless trains that thunder past her home threaten to destroy all that remains, she decides to fight iron with iron.

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Awards and Recognition

Official Selections and Screenings

  • 2018 Animakom FEST – Bilbao International Animation Community Festival
  • 2018 Skepto International Film Festival
  • 2018 Athens Animfest

The Team

  • Beñat Etxaburu

    BFA in Digital Art and Animation

    Role: Producer, Script, Storyboard, Layout, Backgrounds, Animation, Composition, Editing

Animation Stills

  • An old farmhouse sits atop a spire of land, surrounded by mines, factories, and railroads.
  • Interior view of a dimly lit farmhouse, filled with handmade pottery.
  • Close-up view of the top of a basket in a dimly lit room.
  • A dimly lit room filled with broken pottery shards and other fallen debris.
  • Close-up view of some detached railway track, hanging in a dimly lit room.