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DigiPen Europe-Bilbao recently held a highly successful Career Fair for its Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Animation graduates, creating a vibrant bridge between budding talent and the professional world. Unlike many other career fairs, this event featured a reversed setup where the graduates had their own stations, and directors from four prominent local companies visited each alumnus’s stand to review their work. This unique format offered alumni a direct and personal opportunity to present their portfolios and make valuable industry connections.

  • BFA graduate presents portfolio on a computer screen to one of the professionals consisting of 3D models of props
  • A BFA graduate discussing character designs on a laptop with the company assisting the event
  • BFA graduates show their work to different professionals through computer screens
  • A graduate shows her work to an industry professional on a desktop computer.

The Career Fair provided direct access to key industry players. Iván Miñambres from Uniko, Ricardo Ramón from Dibulitoon, Miren Berasategi and Imanol Zinkunegi from Lotura Films, and Iñaki Amurrio from Toonside individually visited each graduate’s stand, offering feedback, advice, and potential career opportunities. Their insights and experiences provided students with a realistic understanding of the animation industry, inspiring them to pursue their career aspirations with confidence.

  • Ivan Miñambres from Uniko, presenting his company
  • Ricardo Ramón from Dibulitoon, giving an introductory speech
  • Miren Berasategi from Lotura Films, presenting herself to the graduates
  • Imanol Zinkunegi from Lotura Films, speaking about the company with a projector behind
  • Iñaki Amurrio from Toonside, directing himself to the students
  • Professionals pose for group picture after the event

These interactions are crucial as they provide them with insights into industry expectations and standards. Additionally, the fair allowed alumni to showcase their creativity and technical skills, easing the transition from academia to the professional world. The presence of such influential companies at the fair underscores the growing demand for fresh talent in the Basque Country’s animation sector.

  • BFA graduates pay close attention to the speeches of professionals
  • BFA graduate shows her work to professionals from Lotura Films
  • Miren Berasategi, from Lotura Films, maintains a conversation and takes notes from the portfolio of a BFA graduate

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the professionals who came to the event for their time, insights, and dedication to nurturing the next generation of animation talent. Your presence and active participation are instrumental. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and building a stronger animation community together. Thank you for your unwavering support and commitment to the future of the Basque animation industry!