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Thursday 16. of July 2009 Issue 37: Career Blast - Programming in the Game Industry

Host Omaha Sternberg investigates what it takes to become a game programmer, including what one needs for skills, how to create a resume, and where to look for jobs. Includes interviews with James Steele of Greentube IES and Ben Ellinger of DigiPen Institute of Technology.

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Friday 03. of July 2009 Issue 36: The Future of Games

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with Randy Stude, president of the PC Gaming Alliance, about the death of PC gaming. Is it a myth or reality? Plus, a conversation with Charlie Stross, legendary science fiction author and keynote speaker at LOGIN 2009, where we talk about what games we might expect to see in the next 25 years.

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Tuesday 09. of June 2009 Issue 35: Current Online Environments and DRM

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with Brian Green of Near Death Studios about effects of current technology and culture on MMOGs. Plus, a conversation with Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica about Digital Rights Management in games.

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Tuesday 05. of May 2009 Issue 34: Career Blast -- The Art of Game Writing P.2

Host Omaha Sternberg concludes her investigation of the art of game writing, including an interview with Professor Stephen Schafer of the DigiPen Institute of Technology about the philosophy of game writing, and Erik Osaben of Her Interactive about the Austin GDC writing contest. Plus a snapshot of the game industry economy through a chat with Matt Matthews, freelance author of Gamasutra and blogger of Curmudgeon Gamer.

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Tuesday 24. of March 2009 Issue 33: Career Blast -- The Art of Game Writing

Host Omaha Sternberg investigates the art of game writing, and discusses what a writer is, what the career of a writer is like in the game industry, and how to become one. Featuring an interview with Richard Dansky of Red Storm Entertainment, and freelance writer Rafael Chandler.

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Tuesday 17. of February 2009 Issue 32: Developing DigiPen Students

Host Omaha Sternberg chats with DigiPen Institute of Technology students about their accomplishments. Featuring interviews with Cameron Micka and Paul Ewers of GAME Studios, developers of the iPhone game Hairball and Snowball, and Tejeev Kohli, Pongthep "Bank" Charnchaichujit, Ted Rivera, and Brett English, developers of the IGF 2009 student showcase award winner Tag: the Power of Paint.

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