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Thursday 21. of January 2010 Issue 43: Career Blast: The Art of Designing a Game

Host Omaha Sternberg investigates the mysteries of game design, and what it takes to become a game designer. Includes interviews with Mike Pondsmith of the DigiPen Institute of Technology and Dave Rohrl, creative director of Playdom.

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Friday 11. of December 2009 Issue 42: Getting Serious on the iPhone platform and the Ins and Outs of Virtual Economies

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with Ian Bogost of Persuasive Games about Serious Games on the iPhone. Also, a chat with Dr. Eyjo, Chief Economist for EVE Online, about virtual economies.

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Tuesday 01. of December 2009 Issue 41: The Basics of Android Game Development

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with Robert Green of Battery Powered Games and Derek James of Polyclef Software about the basics of Android Game development; using the SDK, graphics and sound work, resources available, and the Android Marketplace.

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Monday 19. of October 2009 Issue 40: Using Used Games and Changing the Games Business

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with David Thomas of Crispy Gamer about the how to use the used game industry. Also, we chat with Ben Kuchera of Ars Technica about the changing business models of developers and publishers.

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Tuesday 22. of September 2009 Issue 39: The Nature of Flash and the Name of the Game

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with Nick Fortugno of Rebel Monkey about what goes into naming a game. Also, the basics of flash games are revealed in a discussion with Jim Greer, CEO of Kongregate.

Category: PodClass (iTunes)

Monday 10. of August 2009 Issue 38: Career Blast - Turning Noise into Music

Host Omaha Sternberg investigates what it takes to become an audio engineer or sound designer. Includes interviews with Aaron Walz, lead sound designer of Walz Music, and Matt Johnston, senior producer of PopCap Games.

Category: PodClass (iTunes)

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