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Friday 20. of August 2010 Issue 49: Changes in the Game Dev World and Branding in Game Environments

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with freelance game designer and consultant Noah Falstein of The Inspiracy about changes in the game industry within the past year and how it impacts you. Also, a conversation with Josh Glantz, VP and GM of Publishers Clearing House Online, about integrating branding in a gaming environment without turning the game into an advertisement.

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Tuesday 22. of June 2010 Issue 48: Indie vs. Traditional Development and the Evolving Significance of Game Achievements

Eddy Boxerman of Hemisphere Games chats with us about the differences between indie studios and traditional game development companies; Matthew Johnston and Ben Ahroni of PopCap Games discuss game achievements and how they are impacting game design, experience, and the overall industry.

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Wednesday 19. of May 2010 Issue 47: iPad Game Dev 101 and Licensing IP for Development

Host Omaha Sternberg talks to Mark Levin and Justin Ficarrotta of Freeverse about iPad game development. Also, a conversation with Sami Lahtinen of GameHouse Mobile about game development with original and licensed IP.

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Sunday 02. of May 2010 Issue 46: Trademarks 101; Tozai Games on Sync-Ball

Host Omaha Sternberg introduces the mysteries of trademarks for games as we talk with Greg Boyd of Davis and Gilbert, LLP. Also, we talk with producer Brett Ballow of Tozai Games about their collaboration with the DigiPen Institute of Technology to develop Sync-Ball for the iPhone.

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Friday 12. of March 2010 Issue 45: Game Development in Singapore [March 2010]

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with studios in Singapore about the game development scene there. Featuring interviews with Raymond Wong, general manager of Koei Singapore, and Olivier de Rotalier, managing director for Ubisoft's Singapore studio.

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Thursday 11. of March 2010 Issue 44: IGF 2010 Student Finalists Speak Out [February 2010]

Host Omaha Sternberg talks with the teams from DigiPen that made it into the student finalist category of the 2010 IGF. Interviews with Matt Anderson and Hamza Hutchinson of Team Dreamside Maroon, and Ben Gable, Will Graham, Chris Howard, Cameron Jacobson of Team Igneous.

Category: PodClass (MP3)

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