Game Awards

StoneHeart (2016)

StoneHeart is a 2D platform based shooting game, where the player has to go though the hazards of the level by making use of her different arrows.

StoneHeart was created by Borja Portugal, Iker Eizgirre, Mikel Orrantia, Eurie Cierbide, Olatz Arin, Irene Velasco, Alvaro Rodriguez, and Leia Haidar.

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  • Finalist, Best Basque Game, AzPlay International Festival of Games 2017
  • Finalist, Three Headed Monkey Awards 2017
  • Finalist, Best Student Game, Gamelab 2016
  • Finalist, Best University Game, Fun&Serious Games Festival 2016


Coin Master (2015)

Coin Master is a 2D resource management game in which you have to keep the hero enjoyed enough to keep it expending coins after each death.

Coin Master was created by Fabrizio Tonietti, Jon Diego, Mikel Orrantia, and Borja Portugal.

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  • Finalist, Gamelab 2015


Inaris: The Cloud Temple (2014)

Inaris: The Cloud Temple is a tale of discovery about a lonely soul wandering in a set of empty familiar temples. This entity's connection with the environment will allow it to manipulate columns in order to find out what it is looking for.

Inaris: The Cloud Temple was created by Ander Alzola, Ander Amo, Ander Goenaga, Ander Guerrero, Asier Renteria, Eneko Eguiluz, Ismael Serrano, Jon Sanchez, Markel Madina, and Eduardo Garcia.

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  • Finalist, Best Basque Game, Ho Play 2015


Iona: Coded Will (2014)

Iona: Coded Will is a fast-paced first person parkour game where you play as a Iona, a female cyborg who gained consciousness and who is trying to escape the factory where she was built.

Iona: Coded Will was created by Aitor Gomez, Aitor Tejedor, Antoine Micaelian, Jaime Uriarte, Sergio Vicente, Ilaskine Echeandia, Imanol Celaya, Andoni Besa, Xabier Sevillano, Sendoa Bergasa, and Xabier Espana.

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  • Finalist, Best Basque Game, Ho Play 2015


Twisted (2013)

Play through ten epic levels in this colorful, 2D platformer devouring dragonflies, dodging killer bees, and using your color-changing ability to adapt to the hostile alien environment.

Twisted was created by Ander Goenaga, Ander Alzola, Andoni Besa, Aitor Tejedor, Ander Amo, and Sendoa Bergasa.

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  • Finalist, Gamelab 2013


Umbra Chronicles (2013)

Umbra Chronicles is a side-scrolling action-adventure game set in a fantasy steampunk world. Players must battle their way through a horde of shadow creatures that threatens to overtake the city of Damara.

Umbra Chronicles was created by Eneko Eguiluz, Aitor Gomez, Imanol Celaya, Sergio Vicente, Ander Guerrero, Gonzalo Cano, and Eduardo Garcia.

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  • Winner, Best Basque Game, Ho Play 2014
  • Finalist, Best Student Game, Gamelab 2014
  • Finalist, Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival/Indie Game Contest 2014


Molto Vivace (2012)

Molto Vivace is a 2D musical experience where the player collects visual elements (boids) in order to generate music dynamically. The more elements the player collects, the more compelling the experience. Explore a world where Kandinsky paintings come to life with the sound of music.

Molto Vivace was created by Eder Beldad.

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  • Finalist, Best Basque Game, Ho Play 2012