Program Overview

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Art and Animation degree program is a four-year undergraduate degree program designed to prepare artists for a career in the entertainment industry. In this program artists are challenged to tell visual stories through games, short films, and narrative illustrations. This begins with a strong foundation in fine arts, animation, film, and digital arts. These topics are applied in cinematic projects and game projects following pipelines adapted from the professional world. An artist may choose to specialize in a specific field through individual projects, team-based projects, and other coursework.

Graduates of the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Arts and Animation degree program have utilized software packages and technical tools common to the industry. In addition, they will have developed strong interpersonal communication skills and critical thinking strategies. These skills are augmented by general education courses ranging from programming and natural sciences to ethics and intellectual property.

Graduates of the program are prepared for the following entry- and intermediate-level positions: 2D Animator, 3D Animator, Character Modeler, Environment and Asset Modeler, Technical Artist, Concept Artist, UI Designer, Rigger, Lighter, Texture Artist, Camera Designer, Scene Planner, Compositor, Match-move Artist, Visual Effects Artist, Simulation Artist, Storyboard Artist, Maquette Sculptor, Producer, Project Manager, Web Designer, and Art Instructor.