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Continuing Education and Training Programs are for those individuals looking to explore the world of digital interactive entertainment production as well as those who are looking to enhance their overall knowledge in software development, programming, and traditional art and animation.

The courses are cross-disciplinary with the unique characteristic of integrating coursework in computer science, mathematics, art and animation, with game development projects. They also cover fundamentals in core subjects required for professionals in the game development industry.

To apply, please contact admissions[at]digipen.es, or call (34) 946 365 163.

Certificates Offered

Advanced Certificate in Game Programming

The Advanced Certificate in Game Programming focuses on building the foundation for technical aspects in computer graphics and simulations. Fundamental core subjects such as mathematics, physics, Artificial Intelligence and programming are taught and the knowledge is applied in team-based projects where the students will design, test and build playable games from scratch at the professional level.

Advanced Certificate in Digital Art and Animation

The Advanced Certificate in Digital Art and Animation focuses on building the foundation to create artwork at the professional level. Rather than simply teaching students how to use current tools and software, the program emphasizes the development of fundamental core skills that remain relevant and useful regardless of the technology or medium. The fundamental core subjects are Character and Background design, Concept Art & Interfaces and HUDís Design, 3D Modeling, Surfacing and Rigging.

Who Should Join?

This program is for graduates from universities who have a computer science or art-related degree or experience in video game programming and digital art and animation with an interest in getting core foundational training and who pursues a career in the video game industry, or current working professionals interested in converting to the video game industry.

Start Dates and Schedules

The commencement date for both tracks is in September. The course finishes the following July.

Contact admissions[at]digipen.es or call (34) 946 365 163 to apply.


Apply Now

email: admissions[at]digipen.es

phone: (34) 946 365 163

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